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Los Angeles Math Test

Categories: Parody
Added: Sun Jun 24 06:00:00 +0000 2001Views: 5,955
Rating: 5.00 (1 vote)
Los Angeles Drivers License ApplicationLost Rooster >
Submitted by humor-source
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Name:_______________________________     Gang:_______________________________

1.  Johnny has an AK47 with a 30-round clip. If he misses 6 out of 10 shots
    and shoots 13 times at each drive-by shooting, how many drive-by shootings
    can he attempt before he has to reload?

2.  Jose has 2 ounces of cocaine and he sells an 8-ball to Jackson for $220
    and 2 grams to Billy for $85 per gram. What is the street value of the
    balance of the cocaine, if he doesn't cut it?

3.  Rufus is pimping for three girls. If the price is $65 for each trick, how
    many tricks will each girl have to turn so Rufus can pay for his $800 per
    day crack habit?

4.  Jarome wants to cut his 1/2 pound of heroin to make 20% more profit. How
    many ounces of cut will he need?

5.  Wille gets $200 for stealing a BMW, $50 for a Chevy, and $100 for a 4x4.
    If he has stolen 2 BMW's and 3 4x4's, how many Chevy's will he have to
    steal to make $800?

6.  Raoul is in prison for 6 years for murder. He got $100,000 for the hit. If
    his common wife is spending $100 per month, how much money will be left
    when he gets out of prison and how many years will he get for killing the
    bitch that spent his money?

7.  If the average spray can covers 22 square feet and the average letter is 8
    square feet, how many letters can a tagger spray with 3 cans of paint?


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Latest Comments
Poop Head
Oct 27, 08:52
Somebody must have passed out!
Please Stop Giving Me Tickets!
Aug 30, 05:30
Yeah, I'm sure that'll change the cop's mind.
Boredom at Walmart
Jun 8, 16:48
ha ha

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