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One Million Dollars in One Second!

Categories: Religious
Added: Fri Feb 07 07:00:00 +0000 2003Views: 5,771
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One-Armed MotherOnly In America... >
Submitted by humor-source
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A man was walking through a forest pondering life. He
walked, pondered, walked, and pondered. He felt very
close to nature and even close to God. He felt so
close to God that he felt if he spoke God would
listen. So he asked, “God, are you listening?”

And God replied, “Yes my son, I am here.”

The man stopped and pondered some more. He looked
towards the sky and said, “God, what is a million
years to you?”

God replied, “Well my son, a second to me is like a
million years to you.”

So the man continued to walk and to ponder… walk and
ponder… Then he looked to the sky again and said,
“God, what is a million dollars to you?”

And God replied, “My son, my son…a penny to me is
like a million dollars to you. It means almost nothing
to me. It does not even have a value it is so little.”

The man looked down, pondered a bit and then looked up
to the sky and said, “God, can I have a million dollars?”

And God replied, “In a second.”

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Latest Comments
Poop Head
Oct 27, 08:52
Somebody must have passed out!
Please Stop Giving Me Tickets!
Aug 30, 05:30
Yeah, I'm sure that'll change the cop's mind.
Boredom at Walmart
Jun 8, 16:48
ha ha

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