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Health Inspection

Categories: Professions
Added: Tue Mar 18 07:00:00 -0700 2003Views: 13,110
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Submitted by humor-source
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The City Health Inspector walks into a new restaurant
unannounced and takes a seat to where he can see the
kitchen. While he is sitting there, an order goes back
for a pizza. The chef appears and the Health Inspector
nearly chokes when he see that he is not wearing a
shirt. The chef then
proceeded to grab a lump of pizza dough and press it
out flat on his bare chest.

Appalled, the Health Inspector had barely finished
writing up this infraction when an order came back for
a hamburger. The cook proceeded to grab a handful of
ground meat and pressed it into a perfect patty in his
armpit. Shocked and bewildered, the Health Inspector
called for the manager and explained the gravity of
the deplorable conditions he had seen.

“That’s nothing,” said the manager, “you should come
back at five in the morning when he makes the donuts!”

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Latest Comments
Poop Head
Oct 27, 08:52
Somebody must have passed out!
Please Stop Giving Me Tickets!
Aug 30, 05:30
Yeah, I'm sure that'll change the cop's mind.
Boredom at Walmart
Jun 8, 16:48
ha ha

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