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Stuttering John Melendez Questions

Categories: Celebrities
Added: Wed Aug 04 06:00:00 -0600 2004Views: 39,716
Rating: 5.00 (3 votes)
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  • Ringo Starr

    “What did you do with the money your mom gave you for singing lessons?”

  • Paul McCartney “What’s the most girls you’ve had in bed at once?”
  • ZZ Top “Do you guys ever throw up and get big chunks in your beards?”
  • ZZ Top, Question #2 “Since you look Jewish, why don’t you call yourselves ZZ Dreidel?”
  • ZZ Top, Question #3 “In a pinch, would you wipe with your beard?”
  • James Brown “When you do a split, do you bang your testicles on the floor?”
  • Marlo Thomas “Do you and Phil still get horney for each other?”
  • Ted Williams (ex-baseball player) “Did you ever accidentally fart in the catcher’s face?”
  • Imelda Marcos “If you pass gas at home in front of others, do you blame the family dog?”
  • Warren Beatty “Did you forget to pull out with Annette Bening?”
  • Chevy Chase "Do you read the scripts of the movies you choose to make, or do you go, “Eenie mennie minie moe?”"
  • Connie Chung “Who’s fault is it that you can’t get pregnant?”
  • Cindy Crawford “Does your gynecologist send you love letters?”
  • Geena Davis “Were you Thelma or Louise?”
  • Phil Donahue “Did you ever use your glasses to burn ants by pointing them at the sun?”
  • Bob Dylan “How does it feel to be on your own, like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone?”
  • Frank Gifford "Does your son ever accidentally call you “grandpa”?"
  • Arsenio Hall “Are you mad at your dentist?”
  • Michael Jackson “Did you learn how to walk backwards to avoid your father’s punches?”
  • Rush Limbaugh “Are you called Rush because you’re in a rush to eat?”
  • Eddie Murphy “Now that you’ve conquered comedy, acting, and music, will you become a brain surgeon?”
  • Luciano Pavarotti “Ever fart while belting out a high note?”
  • Regis Philbin “Don’t you wish Kathie Lee would sink on one of those Carnival Boats?”
  • Sly Stallone “Do you think that headband on your mother’s head was placed there by space aliens?”
  • Barbra Streisand “Are people who need people really the luckiest people in the world?”
  • Dr. Ruth Westheimer “Is it possible to be in love with a girl and her dog at the same time?”
  • Bruce Willis “What is disappearing quicker, the ozone or your hair?”
  • Liz Taylor “Was selling perfume one of your career goals?”
  • Mr. Rogers “Would you like to machine-gun Barney?”
  • Ivana “How many rooms in the Plaza did you think Donald cheated on you in?”
  • Dick Clark “Did you ever consider making love to the teenage girls on American Bandstand?”
  • Jimmy Connors “Don’t you think Steffi Graf has great legs and a collie’s face?”
  • Leona Helmsley “Where’s the craziest place you and your husband have made love?”
  • Martina Navratilova “Do you hate bananas?”
  • Paul Newman “Does driving a car really fast give you an erection?”
  • Oliver North “Did you ever have a nightmare where your penis got caught in a paper shredder?”
  • Liz Smith “How many cows did it take to make your leather jacket?”
  • Bea Arthur “What Hollywood star would you like to nail most?”
  • Tommy Lasorda “How much do you want to bet that Pete Rose is gambling again?”
  • Mike Wallace “How can you be so old and still have pimples?”
  • Leonard Nimoy “Is your penis pointed like your ears?”
  • Montel Williams “Didn’t you steal my car?”
  • Raquel Welch “Are they drooping yet?”
  • Burt Reynolds “What’s the closest you’ve been to Dom DeLuise when he cut the cheese?”
  • Conan O’Brian “Are women turned on by red pubic hair?”
  • Jewel “Are they real or implants?”
  • Tom Hanks “Do you think of Rosie O’Donnell to prolong the sexual act?”
  • Michael J. Fox “Are you a member of the Lollipop Guild?”
  • Samuel L. Jackson “Do you think Spike Lee is an embarrasment to movie directors everywhere?”
  • Katie Couric “Do you think there’s anyone more arrogant than Bryant Gumble?”
  • Snoop Doggie Dog “You’re a millionaire, what are you so angry about?”
  • Richard Dreyfuss “Do you have grey pubic hair?”
  • Harrison Ford “Do you have the biggest schlong in Hollywood?”
  • Michael Caine (question #1) “When you kissed Christopher Reeve in Death Trap, did you get turned on?”
  • Michael Caine (question #2) “Did Sir Laurence Olivier ever hit on you?”
  • Martina Navratilova “Would you ever consider making it with a guy?”
  • Peter Jennings “Does Diane Sawyer give you a chubby?”
  • Ed O’Bannon (basketball player) “Would you ever give mouth-to-mouth to Magic Johnson?”
  • Kathleen Turner “Have you ever farted in your hand and smelled it?”
  • Yogi Berra “Did anyone ever get laid in the dugout?”
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (question #1) “Who’s the best white guy you ever played against?”
  • Karrem Abdul-Jabbar (question #2) “Why did you change your name form Lew Alcindor to something as stupid as Karrem Abdul-Jabbar?”
  • Andre Previn “Why is everyone so afraid to bad mouth that cradle robbing Woody Allen?”
  • James Earl Jones (question #1) “Do people ever confuse you with James Earl Ray?”
  • James Earl Jones (question #2) "How much do you get paid to say “CNN”?"
  • James Earl Jones (question #3) “Would you let your kids sleep unsupervised in a room with Michael Jackson?”
  • Jimmy Connors (question #1) “When you dated Chris Evert, which one of you wore the bag?”
  • Jimmy Connors (question #2) “Don’t you think that Ivan Lendl looks like Igor from the other side of the net?”
  • Jimmy Connors (question #3) “When you get older, will you have someone help you over the net?”
  • Leslie Nielson “Do you have white pubic hair?”
  • Gregory Hines “Did Sammy ever take his eye out and show it to you?”
  • Larry King (question #1) “Why couldn’t you get it up for Marilyn Chambers?”
  • Larry King (question #2) “Isn’t it time for you to propose?”
  • Larry King (question #3) "When you have a problem on the air, like you have to burp or fart, do you use the “cough” button?"
  • Chevy Chase (question #1) “Are you still wearing your toupee?”
  • Chevy Chase (question #2) “How long do you think it will be before Dan Ackroyd explodes?”
  • Chevy Chase (question #3) “Were you high when you said you’d beat David Letterman?”
  • Chevy Chase (question #4) “Did you ever think you’d see the day that Garrett Morris is more happening than you?”
  • Chevy Chase (question #5) “Do you tell your kids that you’re an accountant or do you tell them the ugly truth?”
  • Chevy Chase (question #6) “Does it bother you that not only did you fail, but that nobody knows or cares that you failed?”
  • Tommy LaSorda (question #1) “Why do baseball players grab their crotches so much?”
  • Tommy LaSorda (question #2) “Are you upset that those lousy Canadians won the World Series?”
  • Tommy LaSorda (question #3) “Do you ever have to ask your players to refrain from sex before a big game?”
  • Rusty Staub (New York Mets legend) “Who got hit in the face with more balls – Yogi Berra or Rock Hudson?”
  • General William Westmoreland (the Schwarzkopf of Vietnam) “If you could be stranded on a desert island with any woman but your wife, who would it be?”
  • Al Franken "What was the bigger disaster, Bill Morris or “Stuart Saves His Family?” (John was talking about Dick Morris, the disgraced Senator…he got the name wrong)
  • James Lovell (Apollo 13 astronaut) “Which one of the astronauts had the biggest penis?”
  • Anne Curry (NBC News anchor) “Does Matt Lauer make you hot?”
  • Fred Gwynne "Do you sign you pictures “Fred Gwynne” or “Herman Munster?”
  • Billy Ray Cyrus (question #1) “Which Judd would you rahter have sex with, the fat one or the dying one?”
  • Billy Ray Cyrus (question #2) “Who would you rahter be trapped on a desert island with, J. Edgar Hoover or Raymond Burr?”
  • Kurt Russell (question #1; these were asked at the a post Grammy bash) “Don’t you think it’s time they stop giving Bonnie Raitt so may friggin’ awards?”
  • Kurt Russell (question #2) “What gender is Tracy Chapman?”
  • Raul Julia "Don’t you think that Johnny Carson looks like the cryptkeeper from “Tales of the Crypt”?
  • Johnnie Cochran “Would you represent Hitler for the right price?”
  • Walter Cronkite (question #1) “Are you here at this event because you care about the rain forest or because your publicist thinks it’s a good idea?”
  • Walter Cronkite (question #2) “What did William Daley do that was friggin’ important?” (John meant to say Paley, not Daley; he of course was the founder of CBS)
  • Walter Cronkite (question #3) “Would you ever co-anchor with Howard Stern?”
  • Walter Cronkite (question #4) “Have you ever passed wind during a newscast?”
  • Larry Thomas (“Soup Nazi” actor from Seinfeld) “Where will you be serving food now that Seinfeld is going off the air?”
  • Alec Baldwin “Are you jealous of a certain rock star that wears purple?”
  • Joey Adams (radio’s “back-talk” comic and husband of Howard’s enemy, Post columnist Cindy Adams) “When was the last time you saw Halley’s Comet?”
  • Former New York Governer Mario Cuomo “Who’s the bigger leech, Yoko Ono or Tom Arnold?”
  • David Dinkins “Do you sleep on a sponge since you sweat so much?”
  • Kirk Douglas “When you worked with Farrah Fawcett, did you see her naked?”
  • Magic Johnson “Aren’t you supposed to be dead by now?”
  • David Letterman
    “When you kiss a girl, does her tongue ever get caught in that big space?”
    “Is your mother on Prozac or is she always smiling like that?”
    “Do you wear white socks even with a tuxedo?”
    “Do you know that your hair looks like a map of Italy?”

  • Jack Nicholson (question #1) Since your sister is really your mother, do
    you send her a Mother’s Day card?
  • Jack Nicholson (question #2) Did you ever do coke with Belushi?
  • Bruce Willis Will you dump Demi when she gets dumpy?
  • Penny Marshall Do you think Howard Stern is singlehandledly saving the
  • Claudia Schiffer Who’s smarter, Christie Brinkley or Forrest Gump?
  • Billy Crystal (question #1) How many years were you married before you
    cheated on your wife?
  • Billy Crystal (question #2) Why can’t Martin Short get arrested?
  • Billy Crystal (question #3) Isn’t it ironic that Mr. Saturday Night closed
    on Saturday afternoon?
  • Alec Baldwin (question #1) Genital-wise, who’s the biggest Baldwin?
  • Alec Baldwin (question #2) Did you ever play Butt Bongo with Kim?
  • Alec Baldwin (question#3) Do you ever look at the stains in Kim’s
  • Regis Philbin (question #1) Do you have F.U. money?
  • Regis Philbin (question #2) If Kathie Lee sucks, say ‘What?’
  • Regis Philbin (question #3) Do you still beat your wife?
  • Kate Pierson (B-52’s singer; question #1) Who do you think has a better
    figure, Kate Moss or a 12-year-old boy?
  • Kate Pierson (question #2) How much would it cost you to do lesbian photos
    for a magazine?
  • Walter Cronkite Why didn’t your network report JFK smoked pot in the White
    House and nailed Marilyn Monroe?
  • Barbara Walters (question#1) Should people who talk like Elmer Fudd pursue
    careers in broadcasting?
  • Barbara Walters (question #2) How do you stay awake sitting next to Hugh
    Downs on 20/20?
  • Barbara Walters (question #3) Will you ever do a show on entering
  • Barbara Walters (question #4) Have you ever had sex with any of the people
    you’ve interviewed?
  • Tom Brokaw (question #1) Can you say “red leather, yellow leather”?
  • Tom Brokaw (question #2) Are there news groupies?
  • Tom Brokaw (question #3) Has anyone ever asked you if you’re gay?
  • Peter Jennings Were you ever sexually attracted to your sister?
  • Phil Donahue (question #1) Does it bother you that no-talents like Ricki
    Lake are ripping off the format you created?
  • Phil Donahue (question #2) Are women easier to deal with after menopause?
  • Phil Donahue (question #3) Do you pray Oprah will eat until she explodes?
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber Why do you think so many Broadway dancers are gay?
  • Laurence Fishburne (question #1) Did you enjoy beating up the actress who
    played Tina Turner?
  • Laurence Fishburne (question #2) Why does Spike Lee make such awful movies?
  • Kathleen Turner (question# 1) What was the bigger disaster, the Oklahoma
    bombing or The Man With Two Brains?
  • Kathleen Turner (question #2) Is Michael Douglas big in the lap?
  • Maria-Conchita Alonzo (question #1) Are you Rosie Perez?
  • Maria-Conchita Alonzo (question #2) Do you have a green card?
  • Maria-Conchita Alonzo (question #3) Why do Spanish men love big asses?
  • Carol Burnett Are you upset that you’re unemployed and that Ellen
    DeGeneres is a superstar?
  • Matthew Broderick How do you succeed in business without trying?
  • Paul Sorvino (question #1) Has Woody Allen lost his mind?
  • Paul Sorvino (question #2) What are the odds that John Travolta will ever
    star in another decent movie?
  • Paul Sorvino (question#3) Should anal sex be legalized everywhere?
  • Dan Rather Do you check after you’re done wiping?
  • Raul Julia Don’t you think it’s sad that Mary Wells died of cancer and
    Ice-T is still alive?
  • Anthony Quinn Which would you prefer, someone to pick your nose or someone
    to suck your ear wax out with a straw?
  • Marsha Mason What did Neil Simon look like naked?
  • Elizabeth Ashley (stage, screen and TV actress) Do you allow yourself to
    be photographed during your period?
  • Todd Solontz (independent film director with a “sissy” voice) Have you
    ever had a gay experience?
  • George Foreman Have you ever pictured your wife’s face on a guy you were
    beating up?
  • Steve Martin (question #1) Does Goldie Hawn’s ass look that great in
  • Steve Martin (question #2) Do Bernadette Peters’ breasts really look that

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Somebody must have passed out!
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Aug 30, 05:30
Yeah, I'm sure that'll change the cop's mind.
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ha ha

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