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Osama bin Laden's Next SkyscraperOsama bin Laden's Next SkyscraperFunny PicturesSep 21, 2001309,3514.2035humor-source
Miss Afghanistan!Miss Afghanistan!Funny PicturesOct 3, 2001286,9663.0852humor-source
George W. Bush Goes Undercover To Find Osama!George W. Bush Goes Undercover To Find Osama!Funny PicturesOct 6, 2001235,5023.673humor-source
Mexican JokesJokesMay 5, 2001206,6534.2020humor-source
Against The Wall and Spread Your Legs - EVERYBODY!Against The Wall and Spread Your Legs - EVERYBODY!Funny PicturesOct 5, 2001192,0123.673humor-source
Give bin Laden A Shower!Give bin Laden A Shower!Funny PicturesOct 5, 2001184,3944.004humor-source
Stick It To Osama Bin Laden!Stick It To Osama Bin Laden!Funny PicturesOct 3, 2001173,0703.577humor-source
"Ashcanistan"Funny PicturesOct 18, 2001163,671-0humor-source
Osama bin Laden and FamilyOsama bin Laden and FamilyFunny PicturesOct 19, 2001152,8924.176humor-source
Iron Chef Goes to Kabul, Afghanistan!Iron Chef Goes to Kabul, Afghanistan!Funny PicturesNov 2, 2001151,004-0humor-source
Taliban Anti-Aircraft Gunner!Taliban Anti-Aircraft Gunner!Funny PicturesOct 14, 2001132,2981.003humor-source
Mormon Guide to Overcoming MasterbationJokesJan 29, 200298,9175.004humor-source
BIG Booty!BIG Booty!Funny PicturesJun 26, 200196,9273.789humor-source
Osama bin Laden EnemaOsama bin Laden EnemaFunny PicturesOct 17, 200192,3241.001humor-source
Al Qaida Sending Anthrax Faxes!Al Qaida Sending Anthrax Faxes!Funny PicturesOct 15, 200188,3901.001humor-source
Survivor: AfghanistanSurvivor: AfghanistanFunny PicturesOct 7, 200187,9145.001humor-source
Afghanistan Marathon!Afghanistan Marathon!Funny PicturesOct 2, 200183,9245.003humor-source
BIG Hairy Pussy!BIG Hairy Pussy!Funny PicturesJul 10, 200181,5373.001humor-source
TaliPampers!TaliPampers!Funny PicturesOct 8, 200181,146-0humor-source
The Last Thing That Will Go Through Osama's Head!The Last Thing That Will Go Through Osama's Head!Funny PicturesSep 28, 200179,300-0humor-source
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Poop Head
Oct 27, 08:52
Somebody must have passed out!
Please Stop Giving Me Tickets!
Aug 30, 05:30
Yeah, I'm sure that'll change the cop's mind.
Boredom at Walmart
Jun 8, 16:48
ha ha

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